Longarm FAQ's

General Questions

What are the minimum and maximum size quilts you will accept?
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I am a beginner, will you accept an imperfect quilt top?

Yes! We celebrate all skill levels.

Do you accept T-shirt quilts?

You bet!

If I am local to the Knoxville area, can I drop off my quilt?

Yes! Local pick up and drop off can be arrannged.

How can I pay you?

We will email you our invoice as soon as your quilt is ready to ship.

Do you offer rush service?

Yes, for an additional fee.

What if you do not have a pantograph design that I want?

Once discussed, I would be happy to split the cost with you for the approved design file.


What are your prices?

Basic E2E  – .025 a sq in.

Minimum $50 charge

How do I calculate what my longarm service will cost?

FIRST – Calculate the AREA of your quilt top. Multiply length x width in inches. (Example.  70″ x 70″ = 4900 sq. inches)

SECOND – Multiply the AREA of your quilt top by price per sq. inch. (Example. Basic Edge to Edge quilting would be $.025/sq. inch or 4900 x $.025 = $122.50 + Batting, Tax and S&H if applicable)

What is included in your pricing?

• Quilt set up on the frame

• Stocked top thread and bobbins

• Light ironing if needed from shipping

How can I get a quote for Longarm Services?

Please fill out the Book Service form in the Longarm Quilting drop down menu, and we will contact you with a quote for services.


quilt prep

How do I prepare my quilt top?
  • Press all of your seams either open or to one side, this will reduce bulk and ensure that the machine can move over the quilt as it stitches. This is very important.

  • Please ensure that both your quilt top and backing are as square as possible. This will ensure that your quilt is quilted properly. 

  • Please check for any seams that are loose and secure them properly

  • Trim any loose threads from the back and the sides of your quilt top. This is to avoid any of these from showing through, especially if you are using light fabrics. Trust me it’s a real bummer!

  • If your quilt is directional, please mark your top of the quilt, so that we can load it onto our frame properly.

What am I responsible to provide?

• Your finished and squared quilt top.

• Batting that is at least 4” longer than your quilt top on each side. Example: if your quilt top is 60” x 60”, then your batting must be 68” x 68”. We can also provide the batting for an extra charge.

• Your backing will need to be at least 4” longer than your quilt top on each side. Example: if your quilt top is 60” x 60”, then your backing must be 68” x 68”. If we are piecing the backing for you (at additional charge) please account for the seam allowance.


Will you piece my backing?

Yes, for an additional fee of $9.99.

Do you accept Minky backings?

Yes, I will accept precut and pieced Minky backings. You may want to place backing in a separate plastic bag before shipping to minimize the lint from transferring to your quilt top.

How should my backings be pieced?
  • Don’t use a ¼″ seam for piecing a backing. Using a ¾″ to 1″ seam is preferred.
  • Press the seams in your backing open.
  • Use horizontal seams wherever possible to help avoid stretch when loading on the frame.
  • Make sure the backing is square.
  • If your backing is directional mark top.
  • Press your backing after you’ve finished piecing it together.


What types of batting do you offer?

We offer several different types of Hobbs batting options, or you’re welcome to us send your own. Just make sure it’s a good, quality batting. Please chat with us prior to sending if you’re unsure. 

  • Heirloom 80/20 (120″) $12 a yd

  • Tuscany Cotton/Wool blend (96″) $16 a yd.                      

  • Tuscany 100% Wool  (108″)  $20 a yd.                            

  • Quilters Dream 100% Cotton – Deluxe Loft $15 a yd.


How should I prepare my quilt for shipping?

We suggest placing your quilt top and backing in a sealed plastic bag for protection, and then into a sturdy, well sealed, cardboard box. Priority cardboard mailers work well. We are not responsible for lost quilts, so it is important to use a shipping method that you can track and insure in case of loss.

How will my quilt be shipped back to me?

We will package the quilt and any left over backing fabric in a sealed plastic bag for protection. We ship using USPS Priority Mail. Additional shipping insurance is NOT included in the price.

How much is shipping?

Shipping prices will range from $14-$23 depending on the size of the quilt. We ship using USPS Priority Mail. Additional shipping insurance is NOT included in the price.

What is your shipping address?

Full Quilt Boogie

PO Box 223 Friendsville, TN 37737


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