So...we meet at last

I’m Carie Seim, the owner, designer, and maker behind the Full Quilt Boogie. I was born with the “how hard can it be” gene, which in my life has served me fairly well, except for a few instances, but I’ll save that story for another day.

I was born creative. My favorite place was the fabric store, and I loved playing with color and pattern, which led to my pursuit of a degree in Graphic Design with the hopes of becoming a quilt pattern designer.

Busy with motherhood and chasing three active daughters, the business took a back seat to family, which was a beautiful season. Now that they are all in college and beyond, it is my time to get Full Quilt Boogie on its feet.

My goal is to encourage others to create beautiful things, using my patterns as inspiration. 

When I’m not busy working in the Full Quilt Boogie studio, you’ll find me with my hubby at our home just west of the southern gates of the Smoky Mountains in TN. I love making new quilty and crafty friends. I would love the opportunity to longarm your quilt for you, or have you try out one of my patterns. Let’s be friends!

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